Board of directors

An experienced and diverse board is critical to our success

Board members


William L. Transier

Energy Executive

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Owen Kratz

President and Chief Executive Officer, Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc.

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Amerino Gatti

Chief Executive Officer Team, Inc.

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John V. Lovoi

Managing Partner, JVL Partners

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Amy H. Nelson

President, Greenridge Advisors, LLC

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Jan Rask

Independent Investor

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Our Directors have qualifications and characteristics so as to maintain a balance of knowledge and experience across key disciplines. 

Personal qualifications include industry knowledge, intelligence, insight, practical wisdom based on experience, the highest professional and personal ethics and values, leadership skills and commitment.



Our Directors have broad experience in business at the policy-making level and possess a familiarity with complex business organizations as well as one or more of our business lines or those of our customers.



Our independent Directors also are called upon to make unbiased evaluations of management performance and effectively carry out their oversight responsibilities, in a commitment to enhancing shareholder value.

Where to next?

Executive officers

The Helix team of executive officers.

Corporate governance

We are committed to provide continuing insight and transparency into in our governance process.

Code of conduct

Every member of our team should feel safe, respected and protected in everything they do.