Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental (QHSE)

To make sure safety is an integral part of our culture, we created what we call ’The Four Pillars of Safety’.

Promoting these ideas throughout the company, we make sure each and every member of our team understands why it’s so important to think about their own personal safety.

Health, Safety & Security Statement of Policy
Environmental & Energy Statement of Policy


Past 6 months Total Recordable Incident Rate for Helix legacy vessels

"We understand that by looking after yourself and each other, we are better able to look after the company as a whole."

The four pillars of safety

Helix’s commitment to safety is more than just a policy. It’s one of our core values. Our corporate vision of a zero-incident workplace is based on the belief that all incidents are preventable and that we manage our working conditions to create a safer workplace.


We encourage the belief that we can influence our culture of safety.


We encourage language that supports and reinforces a proactive safety culture.


We encourage pride in our workplace, so it’s clean, well-organized and hazard-free.


We encourage a constant check of methodologies to make sure they are operationally sound, safe and efficient.

Employee Health and Safety

Our corporate vision of a zero-incident workplace is based on the belief that all incidents are preventable and that we manage our working conditions to eliminate unsafe behavior. We have established a corporate culture in which QHSE takes priority over our other business objectives. Everyone at Helix has the authority and the duty to “STOP WORK” they believe is unsafe. Helix management actively encourages critical safety behaviors and employees to work in compliance with our goals to avoid injuries to people, environmental disturbances and damage to assets.

We empower our employees to feel safe and confident that their safety and the safety of those around them are our primary concern.

"We recognise that safer vessels are more productive. Helix's 4 Pillar culture focus provides additional engagement at all levels in their approach to safety with added bonus of improved performance."

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