Our company

We are an international offshore energy services company that provides specialty services to the offshore energy industry, with a focus on well intervention and robotics operations.

We provide services and methodologies that we believe are critical to maximizing production economics. Our services cover the lifecycle of an offshore oil or gas field. Our services also include subsea cable burial and seabed clearing services for the offshore renewable energy sector. We provide services primarily in deepwater in the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, North Sea, Asia Pacific and West Africa regions. Our services are segregated into three reportable business segments:
Well Intervention, Robotics and Production Facilities.

Well Intervention

Our well intervention segment also includes ownership of Subsea Technologies Group Limited (“STL”), an Aberdeen-based subsea engineering company that specializes in the design and manufacture of world-class subsea pressure control equipment, including well intervention, well control and subsea control systems.



Our Robotics segment includes remotely operated vehicles (“ROVs”), trenchers and a ROVDrill, which are designed to complement well intervention services and offshore construction to both the oil and gas and the renewable energy markets. Our Robotics segment also includes two robotics support vessels under long-term charter, the Grand Canyon II and the Grand Canyon III, as well as spot vessels as needed, including the Ross Candies, which is under a flexible charter agreement through August 2020.


Production Facilities

Our Production Facilities segment includes the Helix Producer I (the “HP I”), a ship-shaped dynamically positioned floating production vessel, the Helix Fast Response System (the “HFRS”), our ownership interest in Independence Hub, LLC (“Independence Hub”), and our ownership of oil and gas properties. All of our current production facilities activities are located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Where to next?


Helix utilize the latest state-of-the-art subsea robotics vehicles and tooling.

Well intervention

Helix Well Ops has performed over 1,500 subsea well intervention operations worldwide.

Offshore renewables

Helix is committed to supporting the responsible transition from a carbon-based economy.