Drilling support

As offshore drilling operations move into ultra-deepwater, drilling systems, personnel and procedures are critical to successful and cost-effective drilling operations.

Helix can also support offshore oil and gas exploration worldwide with well intervention services and robotics tooling.

For well clean-up and well commissioning, Helix can provide rental IRS systems to help reduce the cost required to bring wells online.

In addition, another option to reduce commissioning costs can be found in the seamless interface of Helix vessels with Schlumberger services and technologies through the Subsea Services Alliance.

With more than 30 years’ experience providing support to offshore operators around the globe, Helix can provide experience and expertise for the following drilling support operations:

  • Well flow-back and well clean up
  • Well commissioning
  • Trenching
  • Top hole drilling
  • Remedial well intervention as required
  • Subsea construction
  • Tooling
  • Hydrate coring
  • Pipeline and umbilical tie in
  • ROV support
  • Pilot hole drilling

Where to next?


Riser-based well intervention for well enhancement, workover or abandonment operations.


Increase your recovery rates with efficient riserless well intervention alternatives to rig-based operations.


Helix utilize the latest state-of-the-art subsea robotics vehicles and tooling.