Triton XLX ROV 200 hp

The Triton XLX is a 200 hp work-class ROV system, with up to 200 hp availability.

The Triton XLX system sets the standard for work-class ROVs in the industry. Exceptional durability, endurance and operational flexibility are the trademarks of this system.

The 200 HP Triton XLX offers a comprehensive combination of thrust, payload, through-frame lift and sensor interface. It supports virtually any offshore heavy-work requirement.

With industry leading payload capabilities the Triton XLX can deploy a variety of Work Package additions, tooling skids, injection packages and dredging kits.

The Triton XLX is the culmination of the long proven track record and history of Triton class ROV architecture and is reliable, capable and provides a flexible video and controls interface to handle high bandwidth survey sensors such as Multi-Beam sonars, pipe tracker units with ease of configuration and rapid changeover for multiple missions.

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3m x 1.85m x 2m


3,000 m (9,840 ft)


250-300 Kg (550-662 lb)

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