T-750 Trencher

The T-750 Jet Trencher is proven to trench a wide variety of cables, umbilicals, flexibles and rigid pipe, including anode and piggybacking handling.

T-750 was one of the first trenchers to be built with variable speed drives that then sees the effective trenching power to be in the order of 1000Hp when compared to other traditional electro – hydraulic systems.

The jet swords are designed to deliver the water power at the most effective angle maintaining that angle from the seabed to full trench depth. The T-750 can bury products up to 710mm in its current configuration, however the burial system can also be modified to increase the diameter relative to required trench depth and soil conditions.

Trenching speeds can vary depending on soil conditions, product diameter and the required depth of trench required, however speeds in sand up to 300m/hr can be attained where speeds of 50-125/hr are achievable for conditions where the soils are stiffer and harder to penetrate.

The T-750 modular spread configuration allows it to be easily transported as well as being mobilised on and off vessels of opportunity as well as client supplied vessels in as few as three days to mobilise and two for removal. This is vessel specific and depends on additional vessel modifications and deck strengthening that may be required.


The T-750 has been the work horse of the Helix Robotics fleet of trenchers and has an impressive track record in all markets and differing products.

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​5.4m x 3m x 7.2m

Vehicle Power

750 hp

Depth Rating

1,500 m (2,500 m option)

Weight in Seawater

900Kg + / – 100Kg (tracks fitted)

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