The T-1500 jet trencher has an extended range of jetting configurations along with significantly improved HP/LP jetting.

The T-1500 trencher is the next generation of jet trencher drawing on the principles of both T-1200 & T-750. T-1500 has an additional 300HP from T-1200 to offer an increased range of burial modes to enhance and improve jetting performance in a wider range of soil types to better meet the burial challenges of today.

The T-1500 is capable of burying flexible/rigid products as well as power cables up to 3 metres below the seabed in its current configuration and in soil conditions of up to 150kpa.

Its jet-trenching ROV can operate in water depths from 10m to 1,000m and has built an extensive track record in the North Sea and the Mediterranean. Whilst the jet leg current configuration allows trenching of products up to 915mm diameter, the versatility of the system can, with modifications, increase this envelope should the need arise.

Trenching speeds can vary depending on mode (tracked or skid), soil conditions, product diameter and the required depth of trench required, however speeds in sand over 400m/hr can be attained where speeds of 80-150m/hr are achievable for conditions where the soils are stiffer and harder to penetrate.

The directly coupled water pumps together variable speed drives means that this 1500Hp system is equivalent to that of a conventional electro-hydraulic 1900Hp system that uses the power to water pumps less efficiently.

The CFD modelled plenum machined from a solid block of aluminium takes the water from the pumps to the jet legs with minimal losses.

The water system is designed to maximise water pressure and flow at the adjustable jetting nozzles which are distributed on the jetting swords to fluidize in front and between the swords, and if required to taper the trench wall.

Its these design enhancements, coupled with unrivalled burial experience that puts the T-1500 and the T-1200 jet trenching systems as the most effective burial systems in their class.

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6.1m x 9m x 3.9m


4 horizontal thrusters and 4 vertical thrusters


1,500 hp

Maximum Speed (Free Flying)

Forward = 2.5 knots

Lateral = 2.0 knots

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