T-1400 Trencher

The T-1400 Trenching system has the capability to perform jet trenching in soils of up to 100 KPA and mechanical chain cutting of soils of up to 250 KPA.

The system consists of a “common trenching module” and separate tracked “jetting and mechanical cutting skids” with a customized launch and recovery system (LARS) rated to Lloyds sea state 6.

In addition, a Hybrid boom assembly and additional water jetting can be fitted which combines the cutting chain with an additional 400KW of jetting to support operations in differing soil conditions. 

In jet only trenching mode, the T-1400 has 1100kW (1475 hp) of available power, 800 kW of this power is via variable speed drive (VSD) electric motors with direct drive water pumps. The jetting tool has twin-legged parallel jet swords. The system is designed for trenching up to 3m in soil conditions ranging from 5 KPA to 100 KPA (using 2 m & 3 m jetting swords); and is capable of accommodating products up to 900 mm in diameter. The sophisticated jetting system also has the capability for backwashing, eduction and back filling of seabed material.

The flexibility of the T-1400 trenching system is illustrated when it is operated in the chain-cutting mode. In this mode it is configured with a 2 m x 400 mm chain cutter coupled with an instrumented cable bell mouth and depressor with a 3m minimum bend radius (MBR) and two product-loading arms. It has a dedicated HPU for the chain cutter. The system has a capability to accommodate flexible products up to 250 mm diameter.

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