Shelia Bordelon

The Shelia Bordelon is a Jones Act Compliant DP2 Ultra-Light Intervention Vessel perfect for IRM operations

The Shelia Bordelon was designed and constructed on the premise that not all subsea tasks requires a large subsea vessel.

Designed as a fuel-efficient intervention vessel, the Shelia Bordelon features an NOV 50-ton active heave compensating crane with 3,000 meters of wire, a mezzanine deck with internal offices, centralized online survey suite, offline data processing space, and two Triton 200hp ROVs with high spec survey capabilities. With main deck area of 520.62m2, the vessel is perfectly suited for IMR activities.

The vessel will primarily support Inspection, Repair & Maintenance (IRM) operations for clients operating in U.S. waters, but can also support international work as well.

The Shelia Bordelon comes equipped with berthing for 60 persons with client offices, crew comforts and excellent dining facilities.

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