Schilling ROV UHD III

The Schilling UHD-III system delivers market-leading performance for the most difficult deepwater tasks.

The 250-hp Schilling UHD-III ROV is capable of handling all ultra-heavy-duty requirements, capabilities with API 53 standards for secondary BOP intervention.

This capability also enables users to perform other demanding tasks, including well intervention and hydrate remediation, using multiple fluids that can be carried onboard the ROV.


In addition to providing the most comprehensive intervention capability available, Schilling UHD-III ROV incorporates features that further enhance the productivity of offshore operations.

The system leverages the benefits of modular design for rapid maintenance, first introduced with Schilling Robotics’ HD ROV. This modular approach improves maintenance times by a factor of 6-to-1 compared to traditional vehicles, and ensures that ROV operations are more reliable and productive than ever before.

Performance of intervention tasks has also been enhanced through the integration of a high-definition video suite (HDTV). Enhanced automation dramatically reduces the time required to perform common intervention tasks by stabilizing the position of tooling relative to the intervention panel.

System-level design addresses all the major equipment elements (ROV, TMS, LARS, vans, and umbilical) to effectively optimize offshore operations.

All aspects of the system have been aligned to provide exceptionally high reliability, combined with ease of operation and maintainability.

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3.5m x 1.9m x 2.1m

Docking Interface SWL



450 kgf

Digital video suite

The digital video-over-Ethernet system can transport both HD and SD video, through H.264 compression, that can be annotated and recorded via the video PC on surface.

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