The ROVDrill system provides a seabed operated drilling module capable of carrying out a range of drilling, sampling and in SITU tests.

The ROVDrill is a state of the art remote seabed drilling module used for geotechnical site investigation recovering samples to 50m below the seabed and carrying out cone penetration testing (CPT) to over 90m.

The ROVDrill is launched from a dynamically positioned vessel. The self-contained system can drill and test with complete real-time monitoring via cameras and subsea sensors.

ROVDrill’s tool racks are configured to provide a total of 14 tool slots, six slots are able to carry four tools and eight slots are able to carry three tools, for storing as many as 48 x 3m long tools of various functions.

Seabed drilling is proven to provide better quality sampling than conventional drill ships. Remote seabed drilling offers massive HSE benefits compared with drill ships.

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Applications and Benefits

Foundation design analysis for piles and structures

Seabed condition at anchor survey sites

Seabed integrity survey prior to installation of jack-up rig

Pre-installation pipeline surveys

Piezometer installation

Tool & Rod capacity

48 x 3m tools

Depth Rating

2500 m

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