The Helix Q7000 DP Class 3 semisubmersible is an advanced, North Sea environment capable Well Intervention Unit.

The Q7000 can perform through-riser Well Intervention and decommissioning operations in water depths ranging from 85m to 3,000m, utilizing the Helix designed Intervention Riser System (IRS) which features a High-Angle disconnect system.

With its’ open deck plan and tri-axial configuration, the Q7000 is capable of a wide range of Production Enhancement operations as well as Well Clean up and Field development support.

It is equally optimized for Well Decommissioning including suspension, tubing removal, tree recovery and sea floor clearance.

In operations, the unit has a variable deck load capacity of circa 3,000 Te in addition to well intervention and service fluids.

The Q7000 is arranged with a sophisticated (active and passive heave compensation) 600 Te well intervention tower on the upper deck, and has a large flush deck with skidding system for Well Intervention support equipment and tubulars storage. 

It has below deck twin work class ROV systems, bulk fluids storage and pumping systems.

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CAP 437 v. 7 for S-92 and S-61N


Worldwide: 140 Persons

UK North Sea: 130 Persons

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