Intervention Riser System (IRS)

The Intervention Riser System enables access to both conventional and horizontal subsea trees in depths down to 10,000 ft.

Our Intervention Riser Systems (IRS) can be utilized for wireline intervention, production logging, coiled-tubing operations, well stimulation and full plug and abandonment operations.

The Helix 15k Intervention Riser System (IRS) and 10ksi Intervention Riser System (IRS) allow quick response via Helix Well Ops vessel, MODU or VOO to subsea well intervention needs as a cost effective alternative to access a high pressure well. 

The IRS can be used to address loss of production or other emergency intervention needs using standard tooling and procedures. The IRS provides the ability to safely enter a well with wireline or coiled tubing with well control at depths up to 3,000m.

The Helix Well Ops IRS enables access to both conventional and horizontal subsea trees in depths down to 10,000 ft. The system combines rapid response with maximum operational flexibility to meet the specific intervention needs of high rate producing deepwater subsea assets.

All required through-tubing subsea well operations can be safely serviced with the IRS, with multi-disciplinary operations being conducted in a single mobilization.

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15k Intervention Riser System brochure
10k Intervention Riser System brochure

Coiled tubing, electric line, slickline operations

Cementing operations

Well abandonment

Tree change outs

Pressure (MWP)

10,000 psi

Maximum Through Bore Diameter

7-3/8 in production, 5-1/8 in wings

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