i-Trencher Trenching System

The i-Trencher Trenching System is specifically designed to trench depths up to two meters in one pass.

The vehicle matches the rock-cutting performance of pipeline ploughs, while providing superior control without the need for a high bollard pull trenching support vessel.

i-Trencher has an unrivalled track record and over time it has been enhanced with additional features that allow the burial of both rigid and flexible products including HVAC and HVDC cables.

For power cables, the i-Trencher has an extensive project experience of trenching inter country interconnector cables, electrification of offshore installations projects as well as inter array cables and export cables associated with offshore wind farm projects.

These cables are either single or bundled with or without a fibre optic cable and pre laid for i-Trencher to vertically load, with no lateral offset during the loading process, and then trench.

To date i-Trencher has completed burial on over 400km of product in European waters, as well as operating offshore in the Middle East where calcarenite rock formations are predominate.

When mobilised and combined with T-1200 or T-1500 off a single trenching support vessel, the combination of jetting and heavy soils trenching means that projects that span changing seabed conditions can successfully be completed by a one vessel solution. This has proven to be a successful combination over a number of projects.

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10.0m x 6.1m x 12.6m

Depth Rating



80 mm diameter minimum


80 mm diameter minimum

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