Horizon Enabler

The Horizon Enabler is a DP2 Multi-purpose ROV and Light Construction Vessel for projects in both the offshore renewables and oil and gas sectors.

The Horizon Enabler is a versatile, and fully capable DP2 multi-purpose ROV and Light Construction vessel. The vessel is equipped with a 100 t AHC subsea crane, moonpool, reserved ROV deck space and removable starboard bulwarks. With clear deck area of 990 m2, the vessel is perfectly suited for subsea construction, IMR and offshore renewables activities.

The Horizon Enabler comes equipped with berthing for 82 persons (60 when operating in SPS 60 mode) with multiple one-man, two-man and four-man state rooms, client offices, and crew comforts such as a gym, onboard hospital and excellent dining facilities.

Onboard the Horizon Enabler is Helix’s best-in-class 200HP XLX ROV system rated to 3,000m and the T1200 jet trenching system. A second Super Mohawk observation ROV can also be mobilised as required.

The WROV system is located on the starboard side of the vessel with the T1200 mobilised to be launched over the stern still allowing clear deck space for additional project requirements.

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