Helix Producer I

The Helix Producer I is a ship-shaped, disconnectable, dynamically positioned (DP2), floating production unit.

The Helix Producer I is designed to produce hydrocarbons and export to shore via pipeline or tanker.

The Helix Producer I is equipped with a Disconnectable Transfer System (DTS) which allows the ship to weathervane during production. This setup also allows disconnection from flowlines, pipelines and umbilicals, enabling the vessel to seek shelter from severe weather and during conditions when position onsite cannot be safely maintained.

Upon return to the production site, the DTS buoy can be retrieved and reconnected to the vessel so that processing operations can restart.

The Helix Producer I, is designed to serve smaller oil fields in deepwater over the life of the facility, and can also be utilized as an Early Production Test Vessel.

The vessel has dual certification to operate both in U.S. waters (maintains a Certificate of Compliance issued by the USCG) and international waters (maintains IMO / SOLAS Certificates issued by Lloyd’s Register on behalf of the Bahamian Maritime Authority.

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Year built


Length Overall

161.5 m


13,170 mT


79 persons in single and double berth cabins

Maximum Speed

5 knots

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