Grand Canyon II

The Grand Canyon II is a versatile, and technically advanced, dynamically positioned (DP Class 3) Multi-Role construction support Vessel (MSV).

The Grand Canyon II is equipped with a 250 ton Active Heave compensated crane with 3,000m of installed crane wire. The vessel offers 1,650m of available open deck space to deploy a wide variety of subsea construction equipment, including subsea product reels, carousel drive assemblies, winches and other hardware.

The large steel deck allows clients the flexibility to deploy large equipment, such as Canyon Trenchers, subsea templates, subsea production trees, control modules and other Helix Robotics Solutions or client required tools and equipment in a safe and efficient arrangement.

The Grand Canyon II is equipped with high quality, comfort class accommodations for 104 persons with multiple dedicated client offices, conference rooms and excellent crew dining and recreational facilities including gym, saunas, lounges and cinema.

The Grand Canyon II is designed to operate in severe weather conditions with high maneuverability and station keeping capabilities, which enable it to work efficiently and reliably with consistent results reducing downtime during critical operation.

The Grand Canyon II is provided with two (2) ea. Schilling HD Generation III, 250 hp work class ROV systems installed in Port and Starboard launch hangars, with a dedicated controls area.

The Grand Canyon II includes dedicated survey systems, including Multiple HiPap transponders, dedicated survey areas on the bridge with multiple video links and remote monitoring stations throughout the client offices and vessel work areas.

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