STL is pleased to announce two additional STL XR Connectors™ have been delivered to the industry

Apr 09 2021

Shane Jakeman, STL VP stated, “There were some particularly challenging supply chain aspects for this project due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, however STL project teams and engineers have once again delivered high spec STL equipment to the market.”

STL’s XR connector allows any floating vessel connected by a riser pipe to a wellhead on the seabed to disconnect rapidly from the wellhead in the event of a position-keeping emergency.

The XR Connector™ provides radically improved vessel safety, significantly reduced environmental risk and reduced costs through greatly increased vessel operability. It is rated to 10,000psi hydraulic bore pressure and 5,000psi hydraulic function pressure.

Drummond Lawson, STL CEO stated, “We are delighted to be continuing to deliver our advanced technologies to the industry and it is particularly satisfying that these two XRs are the first to include our new patented DS gasket which provides dual barriers between the wellbore and the environment, while also providing a hyperbaric seal.”

Every subsea rigid riser system should be fitted with an XR Connector™

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