Helix Robotics Solutions Expands Global Renewables Service Offerings

Dec 12 2022

Helix Robotics Solutions, the Robotics division of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (NYSE: HLX), has purchased three additional subsea tools for trenching and boulder clearance ploughing operations globally.

As part of the recent asset investment, Helix Robotics acquired two SMD model Q1400 subsea trenchers, each capable of jetting and mechanical cutting trenching. In addition, Helix added a an OSBIT model PLP240 boulder and seabed preparation plough for use in boulder clearance, pre-cutting and backfill modes. The new assets have been renamed T1400-1 and T1400-2 and i-Plough to align with other Helix subsea assets. Additional information and technical specifications can be found on Helix’s website here.

Helix is committed to supporting the responsible transition from a carbon-based economy. Integrating these new assets expands our offshore wind and power generation and distribution industry service offerings globally, specifically focusing on our U.S. and Asia Pacific operations.  We have years of experience trenching seabeds of differing compositions and water depths, from shallow water inter-array cable burials to deepwater pipeline burial programs. 

For more information about Helix, please visit our website at www.HelixESG.com.