Working at Helix

We’re always on the lookout for intelligent, ambitious and motivated people to join our team.

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. And we have a variety of positions to suit a huge range of skill sets. If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Helix family, be sure to take a look at the opportunities we currently have available.


At Helix Energy Solutions, our employees take pride in being part of a global company that have helped set industry records.

In 2022, we employed over 2,280 employees worldwide representing 34 different nationalities.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce. Employing people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives makes Helix a stronger business. We are committed to attracting and retaining high-performing employees through this diverse talent base and evaluating and promoting throughout our organization based on skills and performance.

We seek to foster a positive working environment for our employees and a corporate culture committed to exemplary practices in safety, ethical business conduct and environmental stewardship. Our people are what make Helix excel, through their operational knowledge, service experience, honesty and integrity, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

Women’s Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Resource Group

In an effort to advance the leadership, education and development (LEAD) of women at Helix and in the broader oil and gas sector, we have formed an employee resource group (ERG) to provide networking opportunities, education, and a forum where our female employees can voice their needs and concerns. 

ERGs are associations of employees who are organized around a primary dimension (e.g. women, parents, LGBTQ+, ethnicity, veteran, etc.) and developed to further the organization’s business goals.  ERGs support Helix’s vision and values by promoting opportunities for professional growth and development and provide an opportunity for informal networking.  ERGs also allow employees of all levels to participate directly in Helix’s ongoing diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives and assist Helix in fully integrating D&I into our day-to-day business practices.

Recruitment fraud alert

It has come to our attention that there are a number of entities and individuals claiming to offer positions within Helix Energy Solutions Group for our onshore locations and offshore vessels. These often ask you to pay money in advance and disclose personal and financial data via email, text or phone. 

At times, Helix Energy Solutions Group does engage third party recruitment or placement agencies to help identify potential candidates, but at no cost or fee to the candidates.

Please be advised that Helix and its Affiliates utilize specific procedures in the hiring process and we do not ask you to pay money in advance, nor do we ask you to disclose personal financial data in our interview process. 

If you are asked by unauthorized individuals on behalf of Helix Energy Solutions Group to disclose your personal or financial data to pay sums, treat this request as fraudulent and contact the authorities for appropriate steps.

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