Helix Energy Solutions Group has evolved over five decades from a ragtag bunch of abalone divers to become one of the world’s premier marine service contractors and operators of offshore oil and gas properties. 

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  • 1987

    First Riserless Intervention Campaign -BP

  • 1995

    First RiserlessXT change -Hess

  • 1996

    First rig alternative HP riser intervention campaign - Shell

  • 2000

    First Riserless abandonment campaign in Norway - Statoil First multi-operator riserless abandonment campaign -Enterprise, Marathon, Talisman & BP

  • 2003

    T750 delivered, first trencher to use variable speed drive (VSD) motors directly coupled to water pumps boosting jetting power by 30% is delivered to provide depth of lowering & cover to 2m DoL

  • 2004

    First Riserless intervention campaign in Norway, Diverless-Statoil First use of well test package to dissolve hydrate & flare off pipeline inventory

  • 2007

    First installation of free-standing intervention top tension - RPSEA

  • 2008

    i-Trencher mechanical designed to cut cohesive soils up ~600Kps to bury flexible & ridged products down to 2m in up to 1000m water depths

  • 2009

    First use of rig alternative vessel for top hole drilling -Chevron hydrate drilling

  • 2010

    Helix Q4000 played a key role in a successful “static kill” procedure on the Macondo well when 32,000 barrels of specially engineered mud and cement were pumped from the Q4000 directly into the well at high pressure and sealed the leak for the first time. Helix ESG’s Express and Helix Producer I vessels also participated in spill response and containment operations

  • 2012

    First use of rig alternative vessel for HP riser based Coiled Tubing gravel pack operations - Marubeni

  • 2012

    2nd generation purpose built jet trencher (T1200) with 1200HP capable of burying flexible & ridged products etc to 3000m

  • 2012

    Grand Canyon, the 1st purpose built DP3 trenching support vessel is delivered boasting T-1200 & iTrencher along with 2 new 200HP XLX ROVs & 250Te crane

  • 2014

    HELIX 534

  • 2014

    3rd generation purpose built jet trencher (T1500) with 1500HP capable of burying flexible & ridged products etc to 1000m

  • 2015


  • 2015

    Grand Canyon II is delivered to undertake light construction operations fitted with 2 x 200HP Gen 3 UHDs

  • 2015

    Grand Canyon III is delivered

  • 2016

    Seawell Extension

  • 2019


  • 2019

    Newbuild Q7000 well intervention semisubmersible vessel is delivered to Helix Energy Solutions

  • 2020

    Helix Energy Solutions with SBS Energy set a new offshore Snubbing unit / Hydraulic Workover (HWO) world record onboard the Q4000 after completing a flowline cleanout operation to a length of 28,789’ (actual drill pipe measurement) on the Ozona Garden Banks 515 location in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico

  • 2021

    Helix Energy Solutions Group Celebrates 15 Years on the New York Stock Exchange

  • 2021

    Helix Energy Solutions Partners with Trendsetter Engineering for Global Integrated Hydraulic Intervention Services Agreement

  • 2022

    Helix Robotics has relocated 50,000+ boulders as part of the seabed preparation work for offshore wind and interconnector projects

  • 2022

    Helix Robotics Solutions Charters Jones Act-Compliant Vessel Shelia Bordelon

  • 2022

    Horizon Enabler, a light construction support vessel, joins the Helix fleet

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