Helix overview

We are an international offshore energy services company that provides specialty services to the offshore energy industry, with a focus on well intervention, robotics and full-field decommissioning operations.

Our services are centered on a three-legged business model well positioned to facilitate global energy transition by maximizing production of remaining oil and gas reserves, supporting renewable energy developments and decommissioning end-of-life oil and gas fields.

Our three core markets establishes Helix as a meaningful Energy Transition company with significant potential:

Maximizing Remaining Reserves in Existing Reservoirs
- Production enhancement and problem remediation via subsea well intervention
- Provision of a low-cost production unit for mature reservoir production
- Equity assumption of end-of-life reserves with management and maximization until abandonment

Well and Field Abandonment and Decommissioning
- Plug and abandonment of subsea and dry tree wells upon depletion of production
- Abandonment of subsea architecture
- Abandonment and removal of shallow water production Facilities

Offshore Wind Development Support
- Trenching and burial of power cables
- UXO and boulder clearance site preparation

We provide a range of services to the oil and gas and renewable energy markets primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. East Coast, Brazil, North Sea, Asia Pacific and West Africa regions. We have expanded our service capabilities to the Gulf of Mexico shelf with the acquisition of the Alliance group of companies on July 1, 2022, which we have re-branded as Helix Alliance.

Our services are segregated into four reportable business segments: Well Intervention, Robotics, Production Facilities and Shallow Water Abandonment.

Well Intervention

Our Well Intervention segment provides services enabling our customers to safely access offshore wells for the purpose of performing well production enhancement or decommissioning operations, thereby avoiding drilling new wells by extending the useful lives of existing wells and preserving the environment by safely decommissioning aged wells and restoring the seabed. Our well intervention vessels include the Q4000, the Q5000, the Q7000, the Seawell, the Well Enhancer, and the Siem Helix 1 and Siem Helix 2 chartered vessels. Our well intervention equipment includes intervention systems such as intervention riser systems (“IRSs”), subsea intervention lubricators (“SILs”) and the Riserless Open-water Abandonment Module (“ROAM”), some of which we provide on a stand-alone basis. 


Our Robotics segment provides trenching, seabed clearance, offshore construction and inspection, repair and maintenance (“IRM”) services to both the oil and gas and the renewable energy markets globally, thereby assisting the delivery of affordable and reliable energy and supporting the responsible transition away from a carbon-based economy. Additionally, our Robotics services are used in and complement our well intervention services. Our Robotics segment includes remotely operated vehicles (“ROVs”), trenchers, the IROV boulder grab and robotics support vessels under term charters as well as spot vessels as needed.

Shallow Water Abandonment

Our Shallow Water Abandonment segment provides services in support of the upstream and midstream industries predominantly in the Gulf of Mexico shelf, through offshore oilfield decommissioning and reclamation, project management, engineered solutions, intervention, maintenance, repair, heavy lift and commercial diving services. Our Shallow Water Abandonment segment includes a diversified fleet of marine assets including liftboats, offshore supply vessels (“OSVs”), dive support vessels (“DSVs”), a heavy lift derrick barge, a crew boat and plug and abandonment (“P&A”) and coiled tubing systems.

Production Facilities

Our Production Facilities segment includes the Helix Producer I (the “HP I”), the Helix Fast Response System (the “HFRS”) and our ownership of oil and gas properties. All of our current Production Facilities activities are located in the Gulf of Mexico.


Well intervention vessels

Seven dedicated well intervention vessels.


ROV support vessels

Five ROV support vessels on term charters.


Intervention systems

Six intervention riser systems (IRSs), three subsea intervention lubricators (SILs), one riserless openwater abandonment module (ROAM).


Remotely operated vehicles

40 work class ROVs.


Robotics Assets

Four trenching systems, one boulder grab and one ROVDrill system.


Shallow Water Abandonment Systems

14 Marketable P&A systems and six coiled tubing systems.


Shallow Water Abandonment Vessels

Ten liftboats, six OSV’s, three diving vessels, one heavy lift barge and one crew boat.


Regional offices

Houston, Texas, USA (HQ) 
Aberdeen, UK
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Houma, Louisiana

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